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My Photo Gallery

Here is a brief "picture" to help you get to know me better.  As always, I welcome your questions.  Drop me an email or give me a call.

Linda raises Monarch Butterflies.

Linda leads the tree planting project in Timberlake.

Playing catch with the Painters' foster dog, Helga.

Getting ready to distribute paint brushes at the Darien 4th of July Parade.

Getting ready for the Hinsdale 4th of July Parade.

Linda and her family taking a Christmas picture at Waterfall Glen.

Linda is a pediatric nurse where she enjoys helping children

Never too early to make friends with a future voter

A beautiful way to start a day

Linda, Nikki and Max start out for a walk through Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve

Who will get tired first?

Looks like Nikki needs a break

Linda and friends enjoying the preserves

The kids and Linda exploring nature

We found a toad, the kids were excited

The Painter Family enjoying a Sunday bike ride through the forest preserve

Every turn along the path reveals more wonders

A brief stop along the way

A relaxing moment while hiking

The Painter Family enjoying a night out

The forest preserves can be a winter wonderland for cross country skiers

Linda enjoys the forest preserves year round

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